I offer short term, long term, time-limited, telephone and online counselling

Short-term counselling is offered over a period of 8-12 weeks.

Long term psychotherapy is offered over a period of 12 weeks or more

Time-limited counselling is offered to past clients wanting to check in.

Telephone and online counselling or psychotherapy are offered to established clients who have moved out of the proximity of my practice sites or having difficulty to attend regular face to face sessions. Or for those who have attended more than eight sessions.

Speak to the heart of the problem or emotion

Many of us will have periods in our lives when we will be struggling  with certain life issues that are causing us distress and weighing us down. You may have been trying to deal with the problem on your own for a while and are no longer able to see the best way of how to deal with it or let the problem go. It may be that you have become consumed by angry emotions or numbness because you feel unsupported by those close to you or they can no longer help you in the way you want to be helped. It may be that your decision is keeping you awake in the darkness of the early hours, clouding your rationality and causing you to only feel bitterness and resentment, depleting the energy you need to live the rest of your life.

Finding yourself in this difficult headspace can only take you further away from the resolution you are seeking. Sitting with another person, who is impartial and not related to your problem can help to give you a new perspective on what you are facing.

Psychotherapy and counselling can give you the space to unpack your issues. Clients often say that it is simply having the room to breathe and speak their truth that allows for the shift in the issue to occur. Often the client has found new ways to live other aspects of their lives.

How does Susan Morgan Psychotherapy work?

I offer a space where you can unpack the matter in question that you are facing and over a period of time get a new perspective on it. The time is there for you to express the feelings you are feeling about your issue without hindrance and having to gratify the feelings of another. This space is open to you for the exploration of how the problem or issue is having an impact on your life in the present. It may be that there is a past issue that has reemerged which has been having an effect on you today.

Before embarking on the regular sessions of therapy, I give an initial consultation to assess the issues you would like to look at. We will meet together for 60-90 minutes and get an idea of how we will work together in forthcoming sessions. All sessions held are confidential.

In the consultation we will visit what it is you are facing and provide a period of this consultation time to help you see clearly how you may be able to deal with the issue going forward. The consultation with also involve some questions to help me get an idea of other aspects of your life, for example your family life, relationships and perhaps, your work life, this will help us to get perspective on your life in the present time.

The consultation can often be seen as map making exercise, however as is often the case, we do not really see the terrain until we have began wandering its paths.

Following your consultation, your subsequent therapy sessions will arranged, to be held at the same time and day each week. Because life changes, so you may also need to change your session time.

I have a forty-eight-hour cancellation policy. If cancellation happens outside of this

time frame then you will be charged as per session unless I am able to offer a different slot either at this site or an alternative site in the same week, whatever suits you.

Who does Susan Morgan Psychotherapy work with?

Individuals / One to One

I provide psychotherapy and counselling to adults over the age of 18 years old. I work as a Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist and my work is informed by a number of modalities. Before we begin our sessions together it is required that you have an initial consultation so that I can gain a clearer idea of some of the issues that you are facing and for you to get an idea about my presence, too.

I have mentioned above that I work with a number of modalities which include psychodynamic and humanistic approaches, therapy is a lot more to do with the connection, respect and understanding.

Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy received from the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education.



I provide psychotherapy and counselling to couples over the age of 18 years old. I work as a Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist and my work is informed by a number of modalities. I work, chiefly using an Attachment theory led model, supporting the client to understand the disconnection between you both in your intimacy, communication and values.

The intention is to recultivate this new chapter that the couple is struggling and striving to reach but with an additional set of tools.

Certificate in Therapy with Couples & Other Relationships received from The Grove Practice Ltd.

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